A Reed That's Just My Strength

The key to having fun at the beginning of a music career is to be successful. Not the superstar-type successful, but the ability for a beginning student to articulate a note, create a nice sound, and finish the session truly feeling like they can do it. They can play the clarinet or saxophone. They can make music! Too often, the first notes are not as rewarding as they should be which leads to frustration, which turns into “I can’t do this.” We all know where that ends up – another student thinking that they couldn’t cut it. Actually more times than not, the equipment is not helping them. An inferior reed, or lessor quality mouthpiece can be the issue. No beginning woodwind student should quit because their equipment doesn’t work for them. Picking up the clarinet or saxophone for the first time certainly has its challenges, but it should be an enjoyable experience, not an uphill battle. After all, music is supposed to be fun!

This experience came to the attention of Bernard Van Doren who designed JUNO reeds. JUNO reeds are the first reeds specifically designed for beginning students. Designed and manufactured in France by Vandoren, JUNO Reeds will benefit your students, your program, and the sound of your band. Here’s how:

The Sound

Sound is the reason students are drawn to an instrument in the first place. Whether they’ve heard it on the radio or from an instrumentalist in the family, a beginning student wants to make that sound for him or herself!

Many woodwind beginners struggle with sound production, but a quality reed specifically designed for their needs can make all the difference. Cut from the same French cane as all the other Vandoren reeds, JUNO reeds allow the beginner to perform with a big beautiful sound right from day one. They are designed to be more forgiving and more responsive across the full range of the instrument.

Student Retention

When a young student enjoys playing an instrument, they are of course more inclined to continue playing than a student who is having a miserable time. Beginning woodwind students shouldn’t be discouraged by difficulties with poor reeds, they should instead enjoy the process of learning to make music!


Teaching Tone Quality Much Earlier

With your students achieving a quality tone from the beginning, you can actually start teaching tone quality, balance, and blend sooner than ever before. Why wait until they progress to a better reed? You have the opportunity with JUNO from the beginning!


You get to be the hero with your band parents too! JUNO reeds are priced at or below other entry-level reeds making it a pretty easy sell for your band parents: great sound and totally affordable! Juno reeds are also available in packages of 25 for your band room. And all JUNO reeds are packaged in the revolutionary Vandoren Flow Pack technology so the reeds are free from band room contaminants and are factory fresh when opened.

It’s a Vandoren

Vandoren has maintained a reputation among professionals as a quality and consistent brand since the company was founded in 1905. Vandoren now lends that same passion and superior craftsmanship to JUNO; the only reed specially designed for beginners. JUNO reeds are cut from the same cane and in the same factory as all the other Vandoren reeds. They are not inferior to any other Vandoren reeds, but simply a new design for beginners.


So what do JUNO reeds mean for your band program?

Less beginner woodwinds quit, your band program continues to grow, and more woodwind students continue on with music in the middle and high school programs. Inferior reeds no longer need to be a deterrent for beginning woodwinds and your program.

JUNO reeds are available for Bb clarinet, alto, and tenor saxophone. Make sure to ask your local music store about JUNO reeds.

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