JD Allen Visits the Chicago Studio

by VandorenTV

Tenor Saxophone Playing

Hi, my name is JD Allen. I’m a tenor saxophonist and music is my verb! I’m mostly known for being the leader of a trio. We record consistently every year and we just simply try to make great music and leave a great impression with the audience. I hope you guys enjoy it a bit.

I love this mouthpiece, it’s a V16 T6, it’s not too big and not too small. It has a variety of different characters that I can bring out, and that’s why I chose the 6. I recommend it, I think the 6 is wonderful!

I’m using an M|O Ligature, V16 reeds number 4; I’m a company man, V16 all the way! That’s who I am.

Tenor Saxophone Playing

Oh, one more thing! The greatest invention ever, the reed resurfacer and reed stick. This is the MasterCard, Visa, American Express; all the goodies that you can have in your pocket. Never, ever, leave home without it. I usually get a V16 number 4 reed and I can actually customize what I want, and it’s different from time to time. You might be in a different atmosphere or you might want something different, and this allows for you to make that happen. So kids, tell your mommy and daddy to get this for Christmas! You’ll be happy!

Tenor Saxophone Playing

Practice tip: 

Well, first of all, there’s no magic bullet to this thing as you’ve probably found out by now. You’ve got to practice your scales, arpeggios, and long tones. The thing that I’ve come to realize maybe at a later point in my career, and maybe this tip will help you get it faster, is that you’ve got to learn how to transcribe yourself. Sometimes it’s cool just to play for the fun of it and to learn how to enjoy the results, or practice the result, instead of the process. So that’s what I’d highly recommend, sometimes just pick up the horn, go where your mind tells you to go, and work that out. That’s a good tip.   

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