Thomas Walsh Comparing the V16 Tenor Metal Chambers

by VandorenTV

Thomas Walsh Comparing the V16 Metal Tenor Chambers

Let's talk about these Vandoren metal mouthpieces. These now come in the small, medium, and large chamber; I'm having a good time trying these out! This one's a medium chamber, it says "50s" on it. To me, it reminds me a little bit of the John Coltrane or Dexter Gordon kind of sound. 

The small chamber has got a little bit more immediate response to it and lighter sound. The large chamber, which is labeled "40s," has a bigger sound that is a little more along the lines of a Ben Webster kind of mouthpiece. 

Here's a little bit of "In a Mellow Tone" on the small chamber mothpiece: 

(1:16) *saxophone playing*

Now, here it is on the medium chamber mouthpiece, the 50s: 

(1:37) *saxophone playing*

Now here's Mellow Tone on the large chamber mouthpiece: 

(1:56) *saxophone playing*

So for me the small chamber is a more focused sound, more immediate delivery. The medium chamber has a nice projecting sound with a little bit of edge. The large chamber has a warmer sound, a bigger feel to it, and a little mellower. So, three chambers, three different styles. 

Tenor Sax V16 Metal

V16 - Metal

The metal V16 tenor mouthpiece is made with the legendary “Bell Metal” brass, then plated with 24-karat gold. They are available in 3 chamber sizes and 5 different tip openings*. 

Small chamber: The original V16 model relabeled as the small chamber. A centered sound with a lot of projection.
Medium chamber: Inspired by the famous mouthpieces from the 50's and 60's. A round and deep sound.
Large chamber: In the tradition of the 40's. The great vintage sound.

*Metal V16 mouthpieces require specific Optimum ligature (LC080P)

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