Vandoren Updates Bari Sax Jazz Mix Card

Jazz Mix Bari 2 17 With Reeds 3

March 2017, Chicago, IL – Vandoren has updated their baritone sax jazz mix cards to include the brand new V16 bari reeds – the go-to reed for players looking for projection and bite without being overly bright. Prior to the release of the V16, the bari jazz mix cards featured a Traditional reed in its place, a longtime standard among jazz bari players. With the V16 addition, jazz players now have the same 4 options to sample as other saxophonists – V16, JAVA, JAVA Red, and ZZ reeds.

“What started as a product to build awareness of the variety of cuts has actually become one of our top sellers,” commented Gary Winder, Exec VP Sales & Marketing. “Every year, new musicians are finding the Jazz Reed Mix Card is the perfect vehicle to find what style reed works best for them without breaking the bank”

In addition to a full line of jazz mix cards for soprano, alto, tenor, and bari sax, Vandoren offers classical mix cards for Bb clarinet, alto, and tenor sax. True to Vandoren’s uncompromising commitment to delivering customers the highest quality reeds on the market, each reed is packaged in it’s own humidity-sealed flow pack, an innovative design that Vandoren first unveiled in 2005, setting a new standard for reed manufacturing and distribution industry-wide.

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Michael Fenoglio

Vandoren Brand Manager

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