7 People You Need to Give Thanks to as a Musician this Holiday Season


1.   Parents

They’ve been there for your very first sounds, your first concert, first instrument rental/purchase, and your first triumph on the instrument. As your consistent supporters, these are the people who lifted your spirits and encouraged you to be the musician you are today. 

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2. Band Directors

For all of the music exposure, guidance, and experiences they’ve provided you, it’s no wonder how much our band directors influence us. Some of them taught you your first notes, others inspired you to choose your career path. If you haven’t mentioned what you’re doing in your music life, tell them what you’re achieving. 

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3.  Private Studio Teachers, and Professors

There have been some lessons that have bolstered your confidence and others that have made you feel the hard truth of failure. Private teachers teach you more than music: they give you a new perspective on life. These are the people who you hope to sound like, play with, and make proud. 

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4.   Music Mentors

We’ve had a couple of these through our lives: a friend of a friend, a conductor at a music conference, a jazz musician at a club—all of these people influence you in one way or another. They come into your life for a reason so why not tell them what kind of impact they had on you?

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5.   Music Store Owners and Suppliers

They supply you with products, accessories, and often times maintenance for all of your brass instruments. They’re in the shop when you need the latest contest piece, different mouthpiece, or to find a new instrument. We might take this one for granted but they’re there to make your music experience run a little bit smoother.

Denis Wick At Lone Star Trumpet Camp

6.   Colleagues

From the first sounds you made to the time you sit down to play a performance, music making is a social event. We all know the most influential friends and colleagues we’re encountered. Drop a quick note to say how much he or she influenced your life.

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7.   Product Makers

The testers, the craftsmen, the shippers, the designers, and distributors—they’re all involved (in some way shape or form) in your music experience. Where would we be without mutes and mouthpieces? It’s a no-brainer those are some of the people that make our brass playing simply sound like us. 

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