Felix Peikli

The future of jazz clarinet

Born in Oslo, Norway April 2nd 1990, Felix Peikli was introduced to music through the local marching band at the age of eight. After discovering his love and passion for music, as well as rapidly developing skills on the instrument, Felix received a Benny Goodman recording by his grandfather. Felix first appeared at the jam session at Oslo Jazz Festival in 2002, in the presence of jazz greats such as Joe Lovano and was invited back the next day as an official festival artist to perform at the Grand Hotel the Mirror Hall. Felix attended the renowned Barratt Dues Classical Institute of Norway and studied classical music with Fredrik Fors. In 2005 Felix won the National Dream Prize on national television, a distinction that kick-started his early career. As a result, Felix began performing extensively as a featured soloist and a bandleader after receiving massive publicity and recognition in national press.  To learn more about Felix Peikli, visit kingclarinet.com.

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