19 Articles for Successful Practice in 2019 from Vandoren

The following articles are intended for clarinet and saxophone players looking for a fresh new start in 2019. Read these articles for some inspiration and get practicing!


20 Minute Saxophone Practice Routine

For those who are looking to get their start practicing saxophone and have limited time, start here. 


How to Get Your Students to Practice

For teachers looking to motivate your students in this fun infographic. 


Personalizing Your Practice Plan

This is to help you get organized by breaking it down into 3 components. 


10 Tips to Practice More Efficiently

Once you are in the practice room, try these 10 strategies to help you be more efficient in your practice routine.


A Focused Practice Session

It's not the amount of time you practice, it's the quality. Learn what makes a quality practice session. 


Practice Hacks: Overcome Your Practice Plateau

Don't reach a practice plateau...it all happens when you become complacent. Check out these hacks to break this practice merry-go-round. 


Clarinet Practice Regime with Cally Laughlin

More of a visual learner? We've got the video just for you. Learn about how to breakup your practice session into 4 parts. 


Turbocharge Your Practice: A High Performance Practice Routine for the Aspiring Clarinetist

Get these short exercise routines from clarinet pedagogue Paula Corley that will be sure guarantee results in your next practice session. Free PDF download included. 


9 Practice Myths and Truths for Woodwinds

Fancy a game? Test your knowledge with these common woodwind myths or truths. 


Vocal Techniques for the Saxophone

Learn these techniques on your saxophone to spice up your next solo: swoops, falls, playing it straight, adding vibrato. 


3 Essential Elements for Effective Practice: Consistency, Objectivity, and Discipline

"A musician's level of performance will only rise to their level of expectation, so begin to expect a lot." 


The Metronome: A Musician's Best Friend

There's a magical device that can help you with all of your practicing needs and we all know what it is, but, do you use it the right way? 


Creative Practicing

Here are some brief, yet practical suggestions for musicians looking to improve how they practice music. 


Approaching the Altissimo with Lenny Pickett

For any jazz players looking to improve their range, we talk with Lenny Pickett about his tips on improving your altissimo. 


How to Get a Good Sound on Bass Clarinet...(or Anything Else)

Watch this video on how to get a great sound on any clarinet or saxophone instrument. 


A Listener's Guide to the Copland Clarinet Concerto

Practice doesn't solely include playing your instrument, it can apply to your ears, too! Learn the ins and outs of the famous Copland Concerto with recordings included. 


Circular Breathing Masterclass

Let Pedrosaxo guide you in this quick video about how to start circular breathing. 


Jazz Improvisation Tips and Some Ways to Use a Metronome

Denis Diblasio guides you in this video tutorial on how he uses a metronome to perfect his use of time in solos. 


Ways to "Practice" Without Opening the Case

Learn the 8 ways you can practice without the use of your instrument. 

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