21 Reasons to Play the Vandoren V21 Reed

by Mitchell Estrin

The new Vandoren V21 reed for clarinet and saxophone has created a sensation amongst single reed players!  With the development of this unique new cut, the V21 brings the great Vandoren tradition into the 21st century. Featuring resonance, color, and consistency, the V21 is a great addition to the Vandoren legacy.

Here are 21 reasons the V21 should be in your reed case:

1. Resonance 

2. Consistency 

3. Flexibility 

4. French Cane 

5. Design 

6. Cut 

7. Quality 

8. Color 

9. Response 

10. Durability 

11. Ease 

12. Resilience 

13. Value 

14. Craftsmanship 

15. Tradition 

16. Flow-pack 

17. Stability 

18. Timbre 

19. Power 

20. Delicacy 

21. Vandoren!

*Vandoren offers V21 reeds for Bb, bass, and Eb clarinets, and soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones. 

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