A Closer Look at the Vandoren Profile Mouthpieces for Alto and Soprano Saxophone

by VandorenUSA


Vandoren’s latest addition to the classical saxophone line, the Profile mouthpiece, offers effortless clarity, projection and flexibility. We take a closer look at some technical aspects, reed suggestions, and feedback from leading classical saxophoninsts.  

A Classical Approach

The Vandoren Profile mouthpieces are made for the classically trained saxophonist. With a rich and flexible color spectrum, easy response, and effortless projection, the Profile allows saxophonists to shape their sound to fit the music of any era. Currently, the Profile line is solely available for soprano and alto saxophones. 

“The new Vandoren Profile mouthpiece offers the same incredible control and evenness of sound as the Optimum series, but with more flexibility and a greater range of colors. It allows me to fully express my personality in every musical situation.”


Dr. Geoff Deibel, FSU Saxophone Professor and member of the award winning h2 Quartet

Dimensions and Technicalities 

See where the Profile sits in comparison to our other popular classical saxophone mouthpieces. 


"The Vandoren AP3 and SP3 Profile mouthpieces are stunning. The mix of projection, roundness, and response offer everything I wish for in a mouthpiece, in addition to a stability of intonation that allows me simply to perform without worry or concern."

Dr. Timothy McAllister, University of Michigan


"I love the lightning-fast response and brilliant tone quality of the AP3 and SP3. From the warm middle register tones to the effortless altissimo register, these pieces being a newfound joy to classical performing."

Dr. Justin Pierce, Assistant Professor of Instrumental Music, Oklahoma Baptist University


What Reeds to Use


Dark and rich. A favorite of classical saxophonists. Slightly more resistant than our other cuts. Available for Soprano, Alto, and Tenor. Strengths 2.5 to 3.5 recommended.


Also known as Blue Box, these reeds produce a pure and even tone with a crisp response.  Available for Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone. Strengths 2.5 to 3.5 recommended.


The latest in our reed line, V21 reed combines a conical shape with the cut of the V12. These gives the player the warmth of V12 with slightly more focus and easy response. Available for Soprano, Alto, and Tenor. Strengths 2.5 to 3.5 recommended.


Listen to the AP3 in Action

Vandoren Artist Nathan Bogert Performs

“The Profile soprano and alto mouthpieces offer the perfect combination of beautiful tone, rock-solid intonation, and great flexibility. From the bottom of the horn through the altissimo, the Profile offers unparalleled control and an abundance of sonic options for the concert artist.”


Dr. Andrew J. Allen, Assistant Professor of Music, Georgia College & State University

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