An Overview on the 2021 Virtual ClarinetFest®: What You Need to Know

The International Clarinet Association is hosting a month-long virtual extravaganza for all clarinetists. Learn about all of the events and performances scheduled in July, how you can participate, and more. 

General Overview

The 2021 ClarinetFest® event will be an all-virtual event that is free for all clarinetists, educators, and musicians. This even includes all non-ICA members. 

Date and Time

Throughout the month of July, events run from 3 PM EST on Fridays to 7 PM EST on Sundays with additional special concerts in the evenings. You can view their full schedule here

July 9 – 11 

July 16 – 18

July 23 – 25

July 30 – 31 (Finale on Saturday Evening) 


All events will be held on ICA's website in their virtual portal. Register now for more information. 

Who is this Festival For?

In short, everyone! With the direction of their educational team, ICA has created events that reach a wide variety of the player's experience level. Here is the breakdown of their levels, so you can find one that will best suit you: 

Entry Musicians – first introductions and lessons to clarinet
Level 1 – approximately 1 year experience
Level 2 – approximately 2-3 years experience
Level 3 – approximately 4-5 years experience
Level 4 – approximately college ready
Level 5 – college intensive
Level 6 – adult enthusiast
Level 7 – pedagogy exchange for professional teachers
Health & Wellness

Events and Schedule

For all event listings, see the general daily overview schedule page here. To see more detailed information about the performance, including the performer and their sections, head over to this page for a more detailed view. *Events will be viewable to all ICA members for an entire month after the event. 

Our Vandoren Webinars

We have some exciting webinars coming up for the month of July. We will be sharing details throughout the month of July. 

July 7th - Instagram LIVE with Felix Peikli at 1PM ET 

July 13th - Fee Webinar "What is a Good Clarinet Tone and How Do I Get It?" with Michael Wayne of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Gregory Raden of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. 

What Are Some Other Interesting Facts I Don't Know About?

The event itself is dedicated to some of the most beautiful gifts to this earth: flowers. Each "stage" has a theme or mission and each concert within is named after a flower. View the stages below:

The Texas Stage: The following performers were invited by the Artistic Leadership Team to showcase the State of Texas specifically for the Fort Worth conference.

Flowers Without Borders Stage: Features performances that subscribe to the event theme. The membership was asked to explore opportunities to affect positive change across borders, cultures and societal divisions as the basis for proposals. This virtual stage will feature a wide variety of recitals, each named after a native wildflower. 

Lonestar Stage

Potpourri Stage

Spotlight Stage

Clarinet Choir Stage

Clarinet Learning Community (CLC): Formed to organize and feature all pedagogy clinics, seminars, lectures, workshops and masterclasses from both Reno and Fort Worth proposals. ICA has assembled a team of respected and charismatic featured CLC Clinicians to build an engaging class schedule and foster collaboration and community. All CLC events are open to anyone registered for ClarinetFest® 2021 but are designed for a specific target population. 

Health and Wellness

You've Sold Me! How Do I Sign Up? 

It's simple, free, and available to everyone. Register here in under 30 seconds. 

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