August Summer Clarinet Academy: A Summer Program for the Modern Musician

with the Four Play Clarinet Ensemble

Infusing a fresh and hip spirit with multicultural and international roots into a classic clarinet ensemble, Four Play clarinet puts a new twist on clarinet music and makes the instrument a la mode with their chic and sophisticated style. The band of four fuses their classical culture with modern musical genres. With over 25,000 subscribers, nearly three million channel views, and thousands more followers on social media platforms, Four Play clarinet is a dominant musical force with a sound that is truly their own.

Tell us about your Four Play Clarinet Summer Clarinet Academy

The Academy is a 5 day intensive that will include 2 hours of daily instruction on various topics with the members of Four Play Clarinet. 

What are some topics you will cover at the Academy? 

Classes will focus on: 

  • Clarinet masterclasses on the mastery of fundamental instrument techniques
  • Exclusive to the August Academy: A special masterclass dedicated to helping students prepare for back-to-school auditions.
  • Transcribing solos and arranging pop music or clarinet
  • Learn clarinet pop techniques
  • How to practice efficiently with consistent discipline and motivation
  • How to create and run your own chamber ensemble that includes: having efficient and effective rehearsals, group dynamics, using social media, and the ins and outs of running an ensemble

When I'm finished with the academy, where do the lessons go? 

Recordings of each day’s lessons will be sent out to students each days. Best of all, students have LIFETIME ACCESS to these recordings so they can always review what they learned during the Academy!

What are some other helpful details about the Clarinet Academy?

Here's what you need to know: 

  • Dates: August 2-6th
  • Academy will be every day from 3PM-5PM PST 
  • All sessions will be held on Zoom

How much does the Academy cost? 

We have a few options! 

  • One time payment of $250 
  • Payment plans of: 
    • $125/month for 2 months
    • $63/month for 4 months

Where can I sign up? 

You can sign up using this simple form here.

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