How to Take Care of Your Mouthpiece, Ligature, and Reeds After Playing

with Sylvain Carton

Care of Setup After Playing with Sylvain Carton

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Reed Cases

Vandoren makes 2 reed cases. 

This reed case is designed to maintain your reeds in optimal humidity conditions to avoid any deterioration.

HRC10: Holds 6 of any Bb, Eb, or alto clarinet and soprano or alto saxophone reeds.

HRC20: Holds 6 of any bass clarinet, tenor or baritone saxophone reeds. 

The blue Vandoren reed case is an elegant, simple case with grooved support to provide air circulation.

VRC810: holds 8 reeds for Bb, Eb clarinets, or Soprano saxophone

VRC620: holds 6 reeds for alto saxophone or alto clarinet.

Mouthpiece Pouches

The Blue Suede pouch is a navy blue pouch intended to protect mouthpieces, caps, or ligatures. 

The P200 holds Bb, Ebb, and alto clarinet or alto and soprano saxophone mouthpieces.

The P201 holds bass clarinet, tenor, or baritone saxophone mouthpieces. 

Reed Resurfacer

The reed resurfacer is made of a washable tempered glass and features an etched surface that is nearly impossible to wear out. The reed stick, inspired by reed rush, is also made of etched glass and enables players to precisely customize and personalize their reeds. Both the surfacer and stick come together, but you can also purchase the reed stick by itself.

Mouthpiece Patch

The mouthpiece cushions protect the mouthpiece from teethmarks, offering a firm grip on your mouthpiece (comes in a pack of 6).

Reed Trimmers

The Vandoren reed trimmer repairs damaged tips and increases the strength of your reeds with ease. Adjustable a precise, it utilizes the same blades we use in our factory to create a consistent, clean cut every time. Now damaged reeds can perform like new again. 

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