How to Test and Register Students This Fall Band Season

with Scott Lang and Be Part of the Music

Scott Lang from Be Part of the Music heard the same question from many band directors, "How do I test and register students when I am not able to see them?" Scott has created a brand new feature in addition to updating his website that will help you get ready for fall. Read on to how to create your own website, test students remotely, and have a confident start to your fall season. 

Test and Register Students for Fall 2020  

Build Your Own Website in 3 Steps:

Step 1: Create your new website. 

Step 2: Send the link and brief instructions to your school community using any platform. 

Step 3: Watch the registrations arrive in your inbox.

In addition to all of the great exiting materials, his free update includes the ability to:

  • Have a band and orchestra combination site.
  • Assign an aural and rhythmic skills test.
  • Have the results delivered immediately to your inbox.
  • Have students indicate instrument preferences.
  • Edit your site down the road.
Lang Art

Notable Features We Like


Be Part of the Music is giving music educators a wide variety of resources that communicate with students, parents, and staff members. It's an incredible tool we're proud to tell our music educator friends about. All of these resources are free and shareable. 

Instrument Assessment Tool (Brand New)  

This 12 minute exercise tests a child's hearing and ability to detect rhythm. The results are sent to you, the band director. What fun! 

Instrument Playing Examples

Scott has some incredible video resources and now you can listen to these instruments. After you take the test, of course.

Here's a Sample Page to check out. 

Vandoren is a proud sponsor of Scott Lang and Be Part of the Music. 

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