Online Educational Seminars for Band Directors with Vandoren Artist Ronald E. Kearns

What has been your experience with remote teaching been like during COVID-19? 

Remote teaching during Covid-19 is very interesting. 

First, you have to have your students get used to the fact that they are not sitting beside you and must focus. The problem of not seeing them at all angles is one you don’t think about until you’re not able to do it. That means you have to ask the student to describe things you can’t see. 

Secondly, students are actually more comfortable in their home so you can accomplish a lot more in an hour.

When do your webinars take place? 

Seminars are done weekdays at 8:00p.m. EDT. I have found that this is the best time for national webinars. 

How can I join? 

There are two ways to join a webinar. You can request a link from FaceBook Messenger for Ron Kearns or email The link will be sent the day of the webinar.

"make plans to put students first." - Ron Kearns

What kind of topics will you be discussing? 

The topics are chosen from items discussed in my three books, Quick Reference for Band Directors, Quick Reference for Band Directors Who Teach Orchestra & Recording Tips for Music Educators. These books are college textbooks designed to help with the building and maintenance of a band program. 

One webinar is about Developing a Five-Year Plan. Another popular one is about Recruiting, Retaining and Reclaiming. The third one is about Developing a Philosophy of Music Education and developing a band mission statement.

What steps do you think educators need to take to ensure their program's success this fall 2020? 

It’s hard to say specifically what we’re going to need to do because we have no idea what the landscape of education is going to look like. What we can do is make plans to put students first. This may mean preparing group lessons via audio/video technology or preparing for smaller class sizes for physical classes. 

Either way knowing what you expect from your students and how you plan to help them achieve those goals is your most important decision. Schools may never return to the way they were before. Be prepared and you won’t panic. 

Band Directors' Response to COVID-19

What's your story? Tell us how you're planning for the Fall 2020 season as a band director. 

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