Vandoren Introduces New Classical Saxophone Mouthpiece

October 2019, Chicago, IL – After extensive research and development with American and European artists, Vandoren is thrilled to introduce the new Profile mouthpiece for classical saxophone.

Currently available in a single facing for soprano (SP3) and alto saxophone (AP3), the mouthpiece is quickly catching the attention of today’s leading classical saxophonists.


“The Vandoren AP3 and SP3 Profile mouthpieces are stunning,” says Dr. Timothy McAllister, University of Michigan Saxophone Professor and Soprano chair of the renowned PRISM Quartet. “The mix of projection, roundness, and response offer everything I wish for in a mouthpiece, in addition to a stability of intonation that allows me simply to perform without worry or concern.”


“The new Vandoren Profile mouthpiece offers the same incredible control and evenness of sound as the Optimum series, but with more flexibility and a greater range of colors,” says Dr. Geoff Deibel, FSU Saxophone Professor and member of the award winning h2 Quartet. “It allows me to fully express my personality in every musical situation.”


The Profile features an elegant exterior design and tapered beak that allows for increased comfort and enhanced flexibility. These attributes combine to create a mouthpiece that boasts dynamic response, powerful projection, and an expansive color spectrum that enables classical saxophonists to shape their sound to fit the music of any era – past and present.


The new Profile. A combination of the most famous mouthpiece attributes resulting in unparalleled artistic opportunities.

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Michael Fenoglio


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