With You Every Step: Ethan

Why did you choose your instrument? Please share your story! 

I decided to start music in elementary school after listening to a demo of different instruments being played. I liked the clarinet and saxophone best. I started playing on the clarinet, but later decided to move to the saxophone because I really liked its sound. I liked that it could be played in a variety of different genres, but it specifically appealed to me because it was popular in jazz.  


What did it feel like to play your instrument for the first time? 

It was really exciting to start making music! I didn’t sound very good, but it was a lot of fun just to be able to make a sound come out of my instrument and play songs.  

How often do you practice and what motivates you 

I try to practice at least 5 days a week. Depending upon what else I have going on in my schedule, sometimes I can practice for multiple hours at a time.  

Without practicing, I wouldn’t be able to improve! I like getting better at songs and techniques over time, and there is always something new to practice on the saxophone, which why it is so fun!  


What have been some of your greatest challenges so far with the saxophone? 

One of my biggest challenges playing the saxophone was getting braces. I had to change my whole embouchure. I kept going, practicing a little bit every day, because I wanted to get back to playing normally.  

One other challenge is going back to the beginning. For example, I hadn’t memorized all of my major scales until recently. I am motivated by the fact that going back to the basics will help me play smoother in the future!  

Do you have any favorite musical experiences? 

One of my favorite experiences was starting to learn about improvisation. I really liked the idea of being able to craft a solo on the spot using notes from a scale! 


What other musical things do you hope to do when you’re older? 

I hope to continually improve on the saxophone. I would like to become better at improvising, a skill I have been working on recently, and learn more blues “standards” so I can play quicker with other people. 


You’re off to a great start, Ethan! What do you like to do other than music? 

Outside of music I enjoy coding and computers. I’m even learning web design in a “Builder’s Club” at school. 

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