Announcement! New Album from Denis Wick Artist Byron Wallen!

Portrait – Reflections on Belonging is the new much anticipated fifth album from London-based trumpeter and composer Byron Wallen, and reflects his study of indigenous cultures connecting people from all over the world.

Byron says “This album is a meditation and reflection on the powerful impact that music has had on my life. It was conceived whilst sitting in the central square in Woolwich, an area of South East London. I was struck by the community around me with its mixture of cultures and nationalities, from Nepalese elders to young Nigerian men, Somali mothers with their children, a new Eastern European contingent and descendants of families who used to work in the docks and at the Arsenal. Music paved my way to travel and see the world, meeting people from all different cultures and walks of life. The study of music and the process of striving to become a better musician furnished me with a deeper knowledge of self and a gift I could share on so many different levels."

The Financial Times commented ‘The core aesthetic is gritty Afro-jazz fusion, but conch shells, vocals from a neighborhood primary school and electronica cast the net wide.’

Find this truly original and eclectic album here

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