Denis Wick Advisory Studio: The First in the World

an interview with Mary Galime

A trumpet performer for over 20 years, Mary Galime has enjoyed the last 10 years of her career back home in Chicago. In addition to her performance schedule in the Chicagoland area and Alliance Brass Quintet, Mary is part of the marketing department with  Dansr, Inc., the North American importer of Denis Wick and Vandoren products. As the Artist Manager and product specialist for Denis Wick USA, as well as a Denis Wick Artist herself, Mary works together with performing artists, teachers, students, schools, and businesses, striving to promote music performance and education in communities across the nation.

What is the Denis Wick Advisory Studio?

Mary Galime: The Denis Wick Advisory Studio is not only unique to the Chicago area, but the world! Essentially, the advisory studio is a place for anyone in the brass community to come and try Denis Wick Products. We have housed one of every Denis Wick Product specifically for this purpose, and will have a mouthpiece advisor on hand during studio hours five days a week. To me though, the product is only 50% of attraction. The other 50% is the atmosphere. As a music performance major, I learned a lot from my classes and rehearsals, but half of what I learned was through the music community and atmosphere that school had created. 

What are your hopes for the Advisory Studio?

MG: As I mentioned earlier, I hope that the advisory studio creates an atmosphere for learning. Learning how to choose the right mouthpiece, much less finding the right mouthpiece, is a difficult process. In addition to regular open studio hours, we plan to host a variety of artist and brass related clinics throughout the year. I also hope to make this unique space welcome to the many brass educators in the city. The floor layout, location, and abundance of brass products, will make it a perfect spot for studio recitals, studio classes, and “field trips." When you were a young student, how awesome would it have been if you could go to a private show room and try out as many mouthpieces as you wanted? If that happened at all, it was once a year at a convention. Now, just schedule a time to come in, and your students will be in brass heaven!

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