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Workshops Including ALL Brass Players

What is Brass Out Loud?

Brass Out Loud is a direct result of many conv

ersations regarding the lack of inclusivity and diversity in brass seminars, and in the general brass community. After seeing many of these conversations brought up again and again, Founder Rebecca Karu said, "If we want to see this change, we need to be the change." And the idea of a new workshop was born.

Denis Wick artist Kate Amrine and Melissa Munoz jumped on board as Co-Founders of Brass Out Loud. Together, Rebecca, Kate, Melissa, along with the help of Jazzie Piggot in our early stages, joined forces and created what we believe is a necessary addition to our field. Brass Out Loud and our workshops are specifically designed to offer a variety of classes and discussions that meet the current needs of brass players. Additionally, our goal is to involve presenters with various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. 

When is your first workshop starting?

BOLD starts at January 8th!  Find out more about the host lineup, registration, and events here.

Time & Location

Jan 08, 10:00 AM EST – Jan 10, 3:00 PM EST


About the Event
Join our 3 day intensive workshop for brass musicians. Find your voice and get inspired by our musicians, and community.

What will I experience?

  • Yoga Session
  • Discussion Panels
  • Creativity for Performers 
  • Musician Mindset Workshop
  • Performance Masterclasses
  • Audition Prep
  • New Music Masterclass
  • Freelancing 101  
  • Warmup Class

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