How to Get the Gig and Keep the Gig

Denis Wick First Fridays

Do you have an Easter gig coming up? Or, were you hoping to have one, but nothing came through?

The holidays are a great time to foster relationships with new music groups, directors, and fellow musicians. Though being offered the gig is an exciting and gratifying experience, keeping the gig and getting more gigs is the goal. One of the biggest challenges many musicians face, whether they realize it or not, is that Easter gigs frequently place you in a chamber music setting. Brass trios, quartets, and quintets are a frequent ensemble used for the service. Very few of us have the opportunity to play in a chamber group regularly, much less freelance in a chamber group setting.

Here are some possible situations you will be faced with:

-you play with a quartet that has been playing together for years, and you're the newbie

-you get placed in a chamber group of people who have never played with each other

-you are working with a new music director

-you are working with all new musicians

In each of these scenarios, you will be under some scrutiny and it will be best for your future employment opportunities if you don't screw up. Don't worry! We have some great tips in available to you from our very first Denis Wick First Friday's panel discussion with the professionals. This week we will be discussing how to get the gig and how to keep it this Easter season, with Denis Wick artists Christopher Bill,Chris O'Hara, and Ryan Christianson

We will be discussing how to get the gig, keep the gig, quickly adapt to your new setting and performers, connect in the right ways with the music director, networking tips while you are on the job, and a lot more. This video will be posted on Friday April 5th, 2019 at 12pm CST on our Facebook page, and YouTube.

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