Learning with Your Ears First

Introducing Denis Wick Artist Michael Jones

Beyonce Pic

Why did you start pursuing music?

My journey began in middle school. Jumping through electives, I ended up in a beginning band class. I spent my first 2 months listening due to the fact that the director didn’t have a mouthpiece for me. When it finally arrived it was love at first sound. It came so natural. I fell instantly for that hunk of metal which Is the Tuba. 

What were some of the most difficult aspects of your education that you overcame?

As I stated before, I spent my first 2 months of class just listening. I had no idea that I was training my ears before my eyes. I didn’t spend a lot of time reading music because I could play whatever I heard right back to the letter. I struggled in high school with reading music but through practice and great teachers, my sight reading improved.

 Who were your encouragers that helped you get to where you are?

Jean Auguste, Andrew Adams, Richard Beckford, Brian Snell, Don Roberts and the list goes on. They were and still are my guardian angels aboard this journey. It’s rare that a day goes by that I either think or speak to or about one of these gentlemen. Jean was my middle school director. He set the bar pretty high fresh out the gate. Primarily a trumpet player, but could play EVERYTHING from sousa to piccolo. 

What Denis Wick mouthpiece are you playing on and how has it helped you on tour with Beyonce?

I’m currently playing on the AT7U. I love the comfort of the rim and flexibility. We perform a lot of different styles of music behind the scenes with Beyonce. Whether it’s Hip Hop or a ballad, I’m able to adjust an execute easily.

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