Marockin' Brass: Taking Gnawa music to a jazz combo with Denis Wick Artist Byron Wallen

At an early age, Denis Wick artist Byron Wallen found a fascination with traditional Gnawa Music. Years of study and performance led to this collaboration with Luc Mishalle to compose and perform this project, Marockin' Brass.

"Since Luc Mishalle and Byron Wallen first met in 2005 (‘Klinkende Munt’ festival, Brussels) their mutual interest in gnawa music and how to deal with it in a jazz context was something of a revelation. In later meetings it also became clear that the writing of Byron and Luc had affinities: an interest in shifting rhythmic patterns, deceptively simple melodies, intricate horizontal interweaving rather than vertical harmonizing, fragmentation of written material etc." (find full review from MetX Music here.)

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