Modern Jazz Trumpet Practice Routine and Play-Along

By Jason Klobnak

One of the benefits I had while working on my undergraduate degree was playing a Bill Adam - styled routine with another trumpet player. That allowed us to rest at least as long as we played. This one element alone helps out your chops (embouchure) and build endurance. That routine covered all of the important aspects of playing any brass player needs to be a successful musician: rhythm, tone, articulation/tonguing, slurring, range, endurance, dynamics, scales, arpeggios, etc.

The problem was that routine was designed for legit (classical/orchestral) trumpet players in mind. For someone that wanted a Jazz (or commercial) focus it needed to be adapted. I did this intuitively many years ago, but found others needed a little help. So, I created the Modern Jazz Trumpet Practice Routine and Play-Along.

The type of exercises inside are probably familiar to most trumpet players: Clarke studies, flexibilities, range studies, Arban style arpeggios etc. All things that are good for your technique. But, this is different because each exercise has been adapted with a Jazz focus for you that also features elements from the Jazz Targeting Method.


It's a great way for students to transition from their standard practice routines into one that prepares you for improvisation while still working on your technique. The play-along feature allows a player to hear and watch an exercise example at a moderate tempo and then play it immediately afterwards.

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