Mutes and Mouthpieces with Farnell Newton

Currently, I’m touring with the legendary funk master of the universe, Bootsy Collins, as well as soul singer Jill Scott, and also, a new up and coming R&B musician, Jarrod Lawson.

Currently, for my trumpet and flugelhorn, I am playing on the Denis Wick Classic mouthpieceand I love just the way the cup and the rim, especially the rim, feels on my lip. It allows me to play all over the register in different sound volumes, and it’s very comfortable.

"With my Denis Wicks, I love the fact that I can play real bright and loud or powerful for the funk music or I can play really dynamic and soft for the quiet R&B and soulful music. It’s very versatile."

One of my favorite mutes is the adjustable cup mute. I love the fact that you can adjust it and have different colors and sounds – you know for specific songs. If I wanted the old school bebop sounding mute, I can adjust it closer in. If I wanted it a little bit more pointy, I can pull it out. So it allows me to have so many different great sounds for the music I am playing.

I’m Farnell Newton and with my Denis Wick Classic mouthpiece, I am performance ready.

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