New Album Debut, If You Hear Trumpet It's Me!

By #DWPhamily, Arnetta Johnson

Arnetta Johnson has had quite a career so far, and quite a future to look forward to. Her music screams confidence and power, where her personality is quiet, humble and appreciative. Over the past few years we have become accustomed to updates on her new music, and her #shoutouttoGodtho has been a regular update when it comes to all the successes she has had along the way. One of the things I love about her music is she takes music that would usually showcase a vocalist or rap artist, but instead makes trumpet the main event. Her debut album "If You Hear a Trumpet, It's Me" releases on June 14th. In this interview, we checked in with Arnetta to get a behind the scenes view of what went into creating this album.

How long has this album been in the making?

The first single released in 2017 and then I put out two more singles in 2018. Towards the Fall of 2018 I released I was ready to drop an album. Some of the songs are from 2014 during my Berklee days, others are from only a few months ago. 

What do you feel is unique about this album?

What’s unique about this album is that it’s something that hasn’t been done in the instrumental world yet. It’s taking the current sound of music (hip hop, jazz, trap, RnB) and fusing it all together. Definitely a mainstream sound. A lot of people tapped on the sound but haven’t gone all the way in with it. For me, I don't care as much, lol! So I figured I’d make an album full of sounds that I enjoy the most whether it’s the standard or not. I like being different.

What was the lowest point you hit/most difficult point you encountered during production?

I would say a mix between the budget and making sure it’s seen/heard. I’m about as independent as you can get with the music. I pay for it all out of my own pocket and fortunately I have my companies such as Denis Wick and BAC that support me. My vision is pricey, especially when it comes to the content and promo. 

What was the best #shoutouttogodtho moment=)?

Hmmmm it’s hard to put a finger on it but the one of the best “Shoutout to God Tho” moments was when NPR selected me as one of their 2019 top 20 artists to listen to. (check out the NPR article here)

What is the next step? Dropping the album...and showing the world What’s Gud! 

Check out this sneak peak at the new album!

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