The Comeback Kid: Part II

by Mandy Marksteiner

So what is your current mission?

I think there are other people out there who have taken time off and feel the same way, and I want to be the voice that encourages them to come back.


A lot of things have happened in my life that derailed me from the trumpet career I wanted, and I essentially chose a different professional path. Today, I want to be able to play more, sound better and have more opportunities. However, when I’m on a mission like that I usually find that I want to help and connect with other people on the same road. While I’m looking for these answers, why not make a book with my findings and help others?


In addition to playing advice, I really think I can help musicians use marketing to advance their career. This is a way to connect my marketing business while making my trumpet playing more joyful.


What are some ideas you have found successful in marketing your music career?

I think some people have a real suspicion towards marketing and self-promotion. But if you want to move forward musically, it definitely helps if you have a fan base of some sort.


As far as marketing, there are a lot of tools out there. I’ve written a lot of press releases for musicians to help promote their shows. I’ve written articles that promote musicians. I’ve negotiated booth fees in return for free performances at wedding conventions. We saved money on the booth while earning free publicity for the band. All of these things help promote and increase your opportunities for networking and visibility in the music industry.


You can get a studio of students together pretty quickly if you make contact with the right people. One of the ways I’ve been connecting to the music community has been through social media.


For example, I noticed a large number of people complaining about issues related to range in different Facebook groups. I chose that as a starting point to reach out.

I wrote a bait piece all about increasing your range. I asked, “Do you want to play higher?” People could download the exercise for free. That provided me an address for my mailing list. The exercise that they received is one that I have been using since high school. I was able to help them with that particular problem, but then getting them on my list allowed me to eventually help them with other things as well.


Following up with regular emails to my growing audience is pretty key. My immediate response to someone who downloads the exercise is something like “Thank you for joining!... what else can I help you with? What other challenges are you facing?” This starts the conversation. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but there are a lot of things I can help people with. When people respond with their problems, I then make a list of topics that I can cover in my emails to keep people interested. I can then follow up with whatever additional services I can offer/sell them.


I think what I bring to the table with my newsletters, blog, and other things I create for trumpet players is this attitude: I’m the person who is going to help move you forward. The person at the top isn’t always the most helpful. I want to help people figure out how to start organizing their career again, get that Easter gig this year, how to start their music studio, how to initiate a contact list, etc. I’m doing these things myself as well, and I’m sharing what I’ve found works with everyone else.


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