The simplest ways to make the most out of your relationships

Relationship advice for musicians, by musicians

Trying to master your instrument should be the difficult part, right? But for a lot of us musicians, creating and maintaining long healthy relationships ends up being the biggest issue for us. The crux of the problem is that we are already in a very high maintenance relationship with our instruments. Is there room for another person? Check out advice from three of our Denis Wick artists, and master all of your relationships.

What Not To Say 2
Would you go a long period of time without spending any time with your instrument? Your relationships need some time and attention too. In addition to practice time, relationships take maintenance.... listen to My Secrets to Success Part 1 for more advice.
What Not To Say 3
"At the end of the day, it's really having that open mind about what makes you happy, and what makes them happy, because ultimately it's not my responsibility to make her happy and vice versa. We are responsible for our individual happiness and you have to do what you love doing. When we're both happy, then we can come together and talk about what makes us happy, enjoy each other's company talking about what excites us. That has been life-changing for us." Listen to the full interview here.
What Not To Say 4
As musician's we get hired and our answers are all I focused. I can do the gig, I can't do the gig. What happens when I becomes a we? What happens with a we + 1? " was at that moment we realized that our marriage and careers can't function on the mentality of let's just go with whatever the day throws at us. We have to be extremely strategic and intentional about all of this..." Listen to the full interview here.

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