Who will you be asking for a job in 10 years?

And other relationship advice from This Is You, a podcast by Denis Wick

You may think the person you are performing with right now is insignificant, and that may be the case in the present. But that may be the furthest thing from the truth for your future. Tim Deuppen provides a bit of his own life story that paints a pretty good picture of how some relationships from your childhood can be so strongly connected to your future professional career. Click below to listen

How many times do you find the perfect thing to say 20 minutes too late? Usually this happens with someone who really makes you nervous, or you admire, or you want to impress. Ryan Adamsons from the Denis Wick Chicago Advisory Studio provides some great insight in how to deal with meeting your heroes and how to get past the introduction and into the relationship that will support your career.

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