Will This Mouthpiece Fit My Instrument

If you are playing on a used or custom instrument, sometimes the biggest issue in finding the right mouthpiece is whether it actually fits correctly. Minute differences in receivers can create some subtle issues in your playing, so it is important that the mouthpiece fits the instrument correctly. Make sure that it protrudes the correct distance (i.e. it does not go in too far or stick out too much) and that it fits snugly without wobbling in the instrument. Here are some things to look out for:

  • If it fits correctly, the open octaves on the instrument should be absolutely in tune.
  • If the upper octave is flat it could indicate that that the mouthpiece is protruding too far.
  • If the mouthpiece wobbles it could indicate that that the mouthpiece taper is wrong for your instrument. Bear in mind that European tapers sometimes differ from American tapers. Hence a mouthpiece designed for an American instrument might not fit correctly in a German instrument.

The cup size should be appropriate to the size of the instrument; do not try to use a mouthpiece with a large, deep cup on a small instrument and vice versa. If in doubt, download the Denis Wick app, go to product information, and find the best mouthpiece for your style of music and your instrument. It is always best to try a mouthpiece before you buy it so that you can find exactly the right one that will bring the best out of your instrument and your playing.

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