Bill Evans

“Who do Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock and an extensive list of rock icons have in common? Bill Evans, that’s who.

Evans is a world class saxophonist and producer who made his debut on the international music scene in the 1980’s with Miles Davis (at the age of 21) and recorded 6 records with Davis. This led to touring and recording with the likes of John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock and Mick Jagger to name a few. Today, with 26 solo albums to date, Grammy nods, and countless collaborations and tours, Evans has continued to explore a dazzling variety of adventurous musical settings as a pioneering bandleader, consistently winning fans in the worldwide arena.

Recent highlights include touring and/or performing with his own Bill Evans Band, Robben Ford (Soulgrass meets Blues), Phil Lesh & Friends, The Mike Stern/Bill Evans Band, Medeski Martin & Wood, and Zen Amadeus - the group Bill and drum icon Simon Phillips put together. There were countless sit-ins with The Allman Brothers Band, Warren Haynes, and a collage of others. Evans spent much of 2016 and 2017 touring the world with the Bill Evans Band in support of his album “Rise Above”.

Bill toured extensively with the Randy Brecker/Bill Evans Soulbop band (formed in 2003) for over 15 years, which incorporated the many influences they both have had in their careers in the Jazz arena. This cooperation produced a live recording called the “Soulbop Band Live“.

Deeply intrigued and ultimately inspired by Jazz, as well as American roots music, Evans wrote, produced and recorded “Soulgrass” in 2005, garnering a Grammy nod in the process.( his 2nd one to date ) Soulgrass was a breakaway new fusion of jazz and American roots music, blending the banjo, fiddle, mandolin and Dobro, combining the best musicians from Jazz and Americana together. According to Bill “the music and soundscape change, but it’s still me and my saxophone!“ Three more CDs followed in the Soulgrass genre, “The Other Side ofSomething”, “Dragonfly”, and the 2014 release of “Live in Moscow” recorded during the first of two sold out U.S. State Dept sponsored tours of Russia. Each subsequent release found Bill pushing the musical boundaries of Jazz and Improvisational groove. Says Evans “Miles always told me to write and play what inspires me. I’ve kept true to his advice from the very beginning regardless of the challenges they may create. Miles gave me the confidence to believe in myself as a player and a composer.“

After 10 years of touring and breaking new ground with Soulgrass, in 2015 Bill introduced the “Bill Evans Band”, a hard hitting montage of Contemporary Jazz. The “Bill Evans Band” featured Bill on saxophone/vocals as well as drummer/singer Josh Dion. This band represented a seamless blend of Jazz and groove. Evans was also seen singing on stage for the first time. “People really relate to this band. The Bill Evans Band takes people on a musical journey. For me, that’s the definition of jazz – improvisation and exploration that people can still relate to. It doesn’t have to be mass confusion. I like to connect with the audience and inspire people with new kinds of music you can feel as well as hear.”

“RISE ABOVE” was Bills 2016 release, and his most accessible release to date. On this, his 24th solo offering, Evans explores rich and haunting vocals from special guest singers, including legend Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes, JJ Grey, Anders Osborne, Murali Coryell, and Josh Dion. Says Bill, “This recording was an epic journey for me. My vision from the beginning was to record with some of my favorite singers, and co-write music with each one of them. The goal was to still make a cohesive and solid performance out of all this music. It went far beyond my expectations. A sheer pleasure from start to finish!”

February 2019 and beyond….

Evans once again teamed up for another co-led recording with legendary Blues guitarist Robben Ford, drummer Keith Carlock , and bassist James Genus, to record “The Sun Room“ which was just released by Ear Music on July 25th, 2019 and rose to the top of the iTunes download charts. As if all of that is not enough, Bill created yet another group with good friend and star drummer Wolfgang Haffner called “Bill Evans and the Spykillers! with Wolfgang Haffner”. This group toured the European jazz festivals in July 2019. The Spykillers! released a live CD in 2019 recorded in November 2018, in Melbourne Australia.

The next Co-led “ live in the studio “ CD with Bill and Robben , called “ Common Ground “ was released October , 2022. Recorded January 2020 but because of covid, the release was held up until some of the smoke cleared. It was recorded in Nashville with Keith Carlock on drums and Darryl Jones on Bass . Bill brought the amazing singer Max Mutzke from Germany to guest on the recordings only vocal track ,which was co-written by Bill and keyboardist Clifford Carter .

Robben Ford/Bill Evans, “Blues, Miles and Beyond” with Keith Carlock and Darryl Jones performed at the Tokyo Bluenote, March 2023 to 8 sold out shows.

Bill has been a member of the “ Modern Standard Super Group “ with Niels Lan Doky, Harvey Mason , and Darryl Jones. They produced a live CD released in the Fall of 2023 ,and have already completed 2 extensive tours of Europe.

Spring 2024, Bill will release his 27th solo recording , titled “ Who I Am .” One year in the making, Bill incorporates all of his past influences to make one of his most exciting recordings to date, featuring Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Victor Wooten, Keith Carlock, Wolfgang Haffner, Max Mutzke and John Medeski. Truly an Allstar cast of friends. Says Bill “ Ive always written and recorded music that inspires me, from the very beginning. Its the only way I can do it. Maybe its a curse, but it’s been a blessing as well. The music on “ Who I am “ was so personal , so ME . I love listening to it. If you can’t write music you don’t like to listen too, why write it ?”

May 2024, Bill will be touring Europe with the “ Bill Evans and the VansBand Allstars.” Keith Carlock , John Medeski, Felix Pastorius. as well as a tour of Brazil in july 2024 and another extensive tour in Europe November 2024.

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