Don Markese

Multi-Instrumentalist and Movie Star

Don Markese has a decades-long music legacy that is built on a reputation of melodic beauty, technical perfection, dedication to those he works for, and respect for all. He has a style that is all his own, full of soul, fluidity, and meaning that transcends words. Though he is one of the best multi-instrumentalists in the world, he is humble and kind.

Don enjoyed a lengthy career with the one and only Neil Diamond and has also worked with many other well-known artists in the entertainment business, such as Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, and Liza Minelli, to name just a few.

​He is highly sought after for recording, arranging, composing, and producing, and has received a Platinum Record for his work on the songs and soundtrack of the blockbuster movie, “That Thing You Do”.

Don enjoys composing and producing his own music, which can be heard on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and many other online music platforms.

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