Jay Mason

Southern California Player Supreme

Jay Mason has become one of the Los Angeles areas’ busiest saxophonists and woodwind artists since launching his career in 1983, after graduating from CSU, Long Beach. His performance credits include work with Johnny Mathis, Michael Finstein, Michael McDonald, Seth McFarlane, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and Los Angeles Philharmonic, and many others. He has appeared on recordings for the motion pictures Soul, Frozen, Frozen 2, Moana, Shaft, LaLa Land, Secret Life of Pets, Crazy Rich Asians, and Ralph Wrecks the Internet, television productions like America’s Funniest Home Videos, Family Guy, and American Dad, and video games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, and hundreds more productions.

Additionally, he is a member of Gordon Goodwin’s Grammy-winning Big Phat Band, and rounds out his activities by serving on the faculty where he started out, CSU Long Beach, at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, and at Concordia University in Irvine. Jay is a Vandoren Reed Artist.

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