A Comprehensive Guide to the V21 Vandoren Reeds for Clarinet and Saxophone

Date Posted: June 22, 2022

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Originally released in 2014, the V21 reed was first designed for Bb clarinetists combining the profile of the V12 and shape 56 rue Lepic reed. V21 provides players with a beautifully dark, focused sound with an easy but full-bodied response in all registers, including altissimo.

After experiencing the overwhelming success of the V21 Bb Clarinet reed, we expanded the line to now include alto and tenor saxophones as well as Eb and bass clarinets.

Sound Concept

For clarinetists and saxophonists, there are slight differences for each family. Let's break it down.


The V21 reed combines the shape of the 56 rue Lepic reed and the profile of the V12 reed. This means the V21 has the thicker tip of the V12, with the conical shape, thicker heel of the 56 rue Lepic. Please see our graph below for specific detail.

Due to the shape and the unique design, would describe the sound as warm and focused.


The V21 for the saxophone is slightly different since there is no 56 rue Lepic reed for saxophone. Still, the V21 takes on many of the same characteristics: a thicker tip with a conical shape design. Notice the shape on our topical graph compared to our V12 and Traditional cuts.


The V21 is available for Bb, Eb, and Bass clarinets, Alto, Tenor, and Soprano saxophones.

Strength Comparison for Clarinet and Saxophone



Who is it for?

This is the perfect reed for both classical saxophonists and clarinetists searching for added depth and warmth in their sound without sacrificing reed-response.

We would recommend this reed for advancing high school students to professional players.

Hear the V21 Reed

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