A Podcast That Will Change the Way You Listen to Jazz

Date Posted: July 06, 2018

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You've just announced your latest project idea: a podcast that you've created. What is your podcast, LINER NOTES about?

A few years ago, in a conversation with a colleague of mine after a gig, we realized that our generation gleaned much of our knowledge of the history of jazz music from reading the liner notes off the backs of LPs. This made me think of my students who, while they have fluid access to more recordings than they could ever possibly listen to, often know little about the musicians who play on the recordings, why the recordings were created, or what they are about. In the era of iTunes and Spotify, the liner notes that provide this information are not easily available when downloading a recording and LINER NOTES is my response to this void of knowledge.

Utilizing my understanding of the musicians’ life as only another musician can, I conceived of this podcast to serve as a tool to fill in some of the gaps in this lack of knowledge. Additionally, it is my desire that LINER NOTES will provide an artist with a platform to speak about their process and reveal the humanity behind their music. I look forward to curating nuanced conversations that offer insight into America’s musical treasure and make connections between the artist and listener.

This has been several years in the making. An initial demo in the form of a high-end video proved impractical to lift, but continually looking for funding and time, I decided to focus my energies into creating this podcast and simply throw it out there; a humble attempt to connect people. I have several interviews in the can and plan to release them monthly. My hope is that LINER NOTES will introduce you to new artists and allow you to know familiar artists in a new way, as well as to prompt you to support the artists interviewed.

Who will be on this podcast? Is it just you or will there be special guests?

The first episode’s guest is Mike Rodriguez. The next episodes will feature Jon Cowherd, Arturo O’Farrill, Alan Ferber, and Rogerio Boccato with more to come.

When will the podcast be schedules? Weekly/Monthly?

A new episode of LINER NOTES will be released every month.

Where can people find LINER NOTES?

Right now you can find it here:


In the future you will be able to subscribe on iTunes and Spotify.

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