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Help Your Students Hit the Ground Running!

Date Posted: August 29, 2019

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Summer has come and gone and you're back to school. As rough as it might seem at times, the beginning of the year is an ideal opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the year. Start your students on the best equipment from day one and watch them grow! Vandoren has you covered with these key back to school products.

Juno Back To School


The only reed on the market designed specifically for beginners. JUNO features a flexible cut to help new students succeed faster and sound better.

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Back To School Trad


Our most popular reed, hands down! Even sound, crisp response. Everything continuing students need to hit the ground running this fall.

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Optimum Family

Optimum Mouthpieces

The ultimate concert band mouthpiece! The Optimum is most popular classical saxophone mouthpiece line, designed to give students a warm, round sound with easy control.

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5Rv Lyre Clarinet

5RV Lyre

Our most popular clarinet mouthpiece with beginners. The 5RV Lyre produces a colorful, controlled sound with immediate response. Perfect for young students.

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M13 Lyre

M13 Lyre

Equally at home with beginners and professionals. The M13 Lyre is a closed tip mouthpiece that gives players and warm, smooth sound. Pitched at A=440.

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Hygro Reed Case

Designed to make reed care easy! This case keeps reeds at the optimal humidity, making them last longer and play better. Available in two models.

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Swab Blog 2


Vandoren’s swab combines the absorbency of silk with the durability of microfiber. The perfect choice to keep your instrument clean and healthy.

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Cushions New

Mouthpiece Cushions

These cushions do more than protect your mouthpiece from scratches. They help ensure a secure and comfortable grip on your mouthpiece.

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