Making Your Reeds Last Longer with the Hygro Reed Case

Date Posted: July 17, 2018

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You invest a lot in your reeds – not only in dollar cost but in time breaking them in and using them in rehearsals – all in preparation for that really important performance.

Reed Rotation

Rotating reeds is a great way to make your reeds last longer. By using a different reed for each different practice your reeds have a chance to rest and recuperate from the rapid vibration you put them through.

Reed Storage

When you store them, try and keep them in a humid environment of around 50% humidity. You will want to experiment with this humidity level based on where you live and how much you play. Some musicians like it a little dryer and some a little more wet, but 50% is a good place to start. When you keep your reeds humidified, the reed will warp less. Warping occurs when the reed begins to dry out. If it dries out too much it’ll start to warp and then you have all sorts of problems with performance. If this occurs you can use the Vandoren Reed Resurfacer to repair them. But if you keep your reeds humidified, you’ll have much less need for resurfacing.

Ideal humidity is 50% - 60%

One product to help you with this process is the Vandoren Hygrocase. It’s a case that lets you monitor and adjust the humidity while providing ample storage for any size reed.

A more affordable option is the new Vandoren Hygro Reed cases. Available in two sizes, they hold six reeds (for bass cl., bari sax, and tenor sax) and eight reeds (for Bb clarinet, Eb clarinet, and Eb soprano) and have a humidity indicator disc that lets you know when the case is too dry. The humidity disc will turn blue when it's too dry and pink when it's humid and just the right humidity. Plus, the reed slots are numbered for easy reed rotation and vented for even humidity distribution.

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