Bruce Williams Visiting the Vandoren Advisory Studio in NYC

Date Posted: September 27, 2016

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Bruce Williams Visiting the Vandoren Advisory Studio in NYC

Hi I’m Bruce Williams, alto saxophonist. I am an ensemble coach at Julliard, principal saxophone instructor at Bard College, and for Jazz House Kids. I play with Lester Williams, Roy Hargrove, RH Factor and his big band, and so many other groups around. Some current CDs that are out: Freddie Hendricks, Jersey Cat, and Josh Evans record – some stuff coming out with Stanley Cowell, and my own in the fall. Busy on the New York/ New Jersey scene—keeping it going like we all are.

I play the JAVA red #2.5 on a (V16) 9 small chamber mouthpiece. I’ve been playing the small chamber V16 hard rubber mouthpiece since it’s come out. I just stopped by today to the studio and I’m trying out the new small “+.” I find it to be a little bit warmer than the small chamber (if you’re looking for that), but still has the same type of color or versatility that you might be looking for, for other styles. I can still bend notes and get expressiveness. If I happen to be playing some pop or funk music—I can get all of those colors if I want to. And it seems to be the same mouthpiece, just a little warmer; I think you might like it.

I find that the JAVA red gives me just enough backpressure, but freedom and brightness when I need to lay on the reed, or lay back. It gives me a lot of color and support—especially playing a high-pitched instrument like alto (you need to support for the upper register) but I also need a good, warm center. So, the JAVA reds are the reeds for me.

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