Explaining Our 13 Series Vandoren Clarinet Mouthpiece Line

with Product Specialist Andrew Hadro

Date Posted: December 03, 2020

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American Pitched Mouthpieces

We've developed the 13 series mouthpieces specifically for American clarinetists using A=440 pitch. View the many mouthpieces with the 13 series option below.

You'll see the 13 series logo on the bottom portion of all of our mouthpieces that are pitched to A=440.

Find the perfect 13 Series mouthpiece in our Vandoren Catalog.

Explore Popular 13 Series Mouthpieces

M13 Clarinet

The M13 clarinet mouthpiece is our closest tip opening. Offering rich color and exceptional response, the M13 is a favorite amongst clarinetists.

M13 Lyre

The M13 Lyre clarinet mouthpiece is a variation on the M13, just a bit more open. The mouthpiece is a favorite amongst beginner and professional clarinetists.

M30 Lyre

The M30 clarinet mouthpiece is a medium tip opening mouthpiece offering an excellent balance between warmth and roundness.

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