Extended Clarinet Techniques: Microtones

with Vandoren Artist-Clinician Amanda Morrison

Date Posted: December 02, 2023

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In this interactive video, Vandoren Artist-Clinician Amanda Morrison demonstrates and explains a clarinet extended technique called microtones. Topics include: what is a microtone, how do we play them, and exercises for you to start playing them yourself.

2:47 Etude for Barnie by Eric Mandat
3:46 How do we play microtones?
4:45 Chromatic Scale
5:51 Exercise
6:35 Example from the piece
7:47 Let's try it together
9:11 Review

More about Amanda below

Amanda Morrison is on faculty at Slippery Rock University and a private studio instructor in the Pittsburgh area. She has served on the staff of Fairmont State University, West Liberty University, Florida State University, and Gulf Coast Community College. Morrison has given performances and lectures at the International Clarinet Association’s ClarinetFest, the NACWPI National Convention, the Music by Women Festival, the West Virginia Music Educators Association Conference, the American Musicological Society’s National Conference, and numerous universities throughout the United States.

Having a strong interest in extended techniques for clarinet, Morrison’s research focuses on the music of clarinetist/composer Eric Mandat, publishing numerous articles on his life and works in the Clarinet Journal and NACWPI Journal. She is also a registered and licensed Music Together early childhood music teacher. Dr. Morrison earned a BM degree from Duquesne University and MM and DM degrees from Florida State University with her principal teachers being Mark Nuccio, Dr. Deborah Bish, and Dr. Frank Kowalsky.

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