4 Things To Know About the Vandoren Flow Pack

by Alison Evans

Date Posted: April 23, 2018

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Updated July 28, 2020

What is the purpose of the flow pack?

The flow pack protects reeds by shielding them from changes in temperature and humidity during shipping and storage.

Traveling through extreme climates with no protection can damage the reed beyond repair, which is why the flow pack is necessary. This protection ensures that whenever or wherever you open your reeds, they are fresh as the day they were made.

How do they work?

The flow pack seals your reed at the optimal humidity level established at the factory in the South of France.

Cane is a natural product that is very sensitive to changes in the environment. Therefore, keeping your reeds at the appropriate humidity level during shipping and storage helps to greatly improve the consistency and lifespan of your reeds.

How should I store my reeds after I open the flow pack?

The flow pack’s purpose is to deliver fresh reeds to the musician. Once the flow pack is opened, the reeds begin to adjust to the new climate they are in. After that, you can use humidity controlled reed cases, like the Vandoren Hygro Reed case, to keep your reeds at the appropriate humidity level.

I preferred my reeds before the flow pack. How am I supposed to adjust?

For musicians living in very hot or dry conditions, the flow pack has been a life saver. But if you liked your reeds better before the flow pack, try this trick!

When you get a new box of reeds, simply open all the flow packs and let your reeds breath for a few days before playing them. This will give them time to adjust to the new environment which will make them play more like you remember.

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