Holiday Gift Guide from Vandoren

with Vandoren Staff

Date Posted: December 02, 2020

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It’s that time of year again!You might be asking yourself, “What could I get for my daughter or son, niece or nephew, friend, or enemy…” you know, that special someone in your life that enjoys playing clarinet or saxophone? For our stores, you might ask yourself, "what accessories are clarinet and saxophone players looking for?"

Well, here are a handful of holiday gift ideas that are sure to inspire the woodwind players in your life wherever they're at in their musical journey.

Exclusive Mouthpiece Offering!

Blue Jumbo Java: Discover all the sensations of the legendary Vandoren A45 blue Jumbo Java. A striking and flexible mouthpiece for all styles from smooth jazz to rock and funk.

Gifts for Beginning Students

First off, some simple and affordable gifts for young players.

Quad Pack Reed Case:Reed care and rotation are an important part of playing clarinet and saxophone. This case makes it easy for your musician to keep their reeds organized and in tip top shape.

JUNO and Traditional Reeds:

JUNO reeds are specifically designed for beginning students. Available for all clarinet and saxophone family members, JUNO reeds are an affordable way for new players to enjoy making music.

Equally as exciting are our Traditional reeds. Our first reed, this responsive and smooth sounding reed is easy for students to play and is widely available online or in local music stores. A great next step for students that started on JUNO.

Instrument swabs and cloths: If you want to keep things a little cleaner, a swab or microfiber cloth is the perfect accessory.

Mouthpiece Pouch:Help your musician keep their mouthpieces safe and protected in and out of the case with a high quality mouthpiece pouch. Available in two models.

Neck Straps:Don’t let saxophones slip or fall and pick up a Vandoren Neck Strap! Available in 3 sizes.

For the Intermediate Student

Here are a few “next level” gift ideas for the advancing clarinetist/saxophonist.

Vandoren Reed Case and Hygro Reed Case

If you're looking for simple, classy reed case, the Vandoren Reed Case might just fit the bill. Available in two models, these cases feature grooved slots for improved ventilation and a hard exterior for maximum protection that fits easily in your pocket.

Our Hygro Reed Case is designed to not only help with reed organization, but also help monitor humidity levels, protecting reeds from drying out too fast and increasing their lifespan.

Reed Mix Card:Pick up a reed mix card so that your reed player can try out all of the different types of Vandoren reeds and find the kind that works best for them.They are available for clarinet reeds, classical saxophone reeds, and jazz saxophone reeds. Each card features a variety of reed cuts in similar strengths.

M|O Ligatures:Our M|O ligatures for clarinets and saxophones come in different platings and offer high end performance not at a high end price. Available for multiple instruments.

Deluxe Neck Straps:Yes, our neck straps were on the previous list, but if you would like to splurge a little and get your saxophonist some added comfort, our deluxe neck straps with silicone and foam are both functional and very good for necks and backs! Available in 3 sizes.

For the Advanced Player

Finally, some upscale holiday gift options for the more serious woodwind performer.

Optimum ligature: With three interchangeable faceplates and a solid single screw tightening mechanism, this ligature is a go to for anyone who is looking to get the best tone and response possible out of their instrument.

Reed Resurfacer: This is perfect for the advanced musician who loves to adjust and refresh their reeds.

Vandoren Universal Harness: Nothing beats the gift of good health. A collaborative development between musicians and physiotherapists, this harness makes the instrument feel almost weightless. Perfect for alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones and bass clarinet.

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