Joe Lulloff and His Classical Saxophone Setup

by VandorenTV

Date Posted: October 05, 2017

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Joe Lulloff and his Classical Saxophone Setup


I'm Joe Lulloff - I teach Saxophone at Michigan State University. I've been saxophone professor there since 1991. Before that, I taught at the University of Illinois from 1984-1991. I got both degrees at Michigan State University, studying with Jim Forger. I also play with the Capitol Saxophone Quartet - based originally out of Washington D.C. Made up of some wonderful, wonderful saxophonists. I'm privileged to play with: Christopher Creviston on the soprano saxophone, David Stambler on the tenor saxophone, Henning Schroeder on the baritone saxophone. I love playing classical, I love playing jazz, I love teaching, I love athletic types of things. That's who I am.

The Vandoren equipment I use: on the soprano saxophone, the S15 mouthpiece, a wonderful mouthpiece that has a beautiful resonance of sound and a nice bouquet of color, great response, great articulation and control up and down the horn. The M|O ligature - the gold plated version. For the reeds that I play on the soprano saxophone, I play the Traditional blue box #3.5.

On the alto, for my classical setup, I use Traditional blue box #3.5 or V21s - they've just come out. I found they work quite well, particularly in climates where the reed has more thickness in the heart. It gives me a little more fuller sound and a little more resistance in more humid climates.

On tenor, I use the T20. I think all the mouthpieces are terrific and have such a beautiful, unique color, sound, great articulation, great response, flexibility, and I'm able to really find a lot of reeds which I use all Vandoren reeds and I have been using Vandoren reeds since I started p[laying saxophone, actually. I use the V21 reeds and occasionally the blue box. The V21s on tenor, I use a 3 and the blue box I use a 3 as well. It really helps me find my sound. I think that's the best way - find my concept of sound which I think is very important for all of us as musicians to constantly strive for the concept we want to sound like.

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