Jones Double Reeds: A Look at Our Oboe and Bassoon Accessories

Date Posted: May 08, 2024

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Soaker Cups

The Jones Soaker Cups utilize a clip that attaches to music stands, both folding and traditional.

The cup for a traditional music stand is perfect for in-school use during band and orchestra rehearsals. The cup for a folding stand is perfect for students attending camps, music festivals, and private lessons. It may also be used at home to prevent spills around the house.

Available Models

A110 - Standard Stand

A210 - Folding Stand

Oboe and Bassoon Reed Cases

These cases are bare-bones, no fluff reed cases, making them an inexpensive alternative to wood cases. Perfect for young students to use as they learn how to care for their oboe or bassoon reeds.


  • Breathable holes for venting to allow the reeds to dry more effectively
  • Sturdy foam to stabilize and protect the reeds

Available Cases

Oboe - holds 12 reeds

Bassoon - holds 6 reeds


The Accessory Tray

The A310 Music Stand Tray for woodwind players can be used by anyone in the orchestra, but is specially designed for woodwind players who utilize soaker cups and reed tools.


  • Comes with a soaker cup, with a hole for the cup to keep it from spilling
  • Enough room for a 24-oboe reed case
  • Has magnets to secure reed knives or mandrels to the side of the tray
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