Midwest 2017 Wrap Up with Vandoren

Date Posted: January 18, 2018

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Vandoren was excited to see all the band directors, students, and players who attended the 2017 Midwest Conference in Chicago, IL. Take a look at the past three days, the wonderful people we've met, and everything Vandoren!

Day 1

Vandoren started out by giving some fantastic SWAG, including JUNO sunglasses and Vandoren temporary reed tattoos. The day followed with product tips and suggestions with Brand Manager Michael Fenoglio, catching up with our dealers with Sales Manager Stephanie Murphy, JUNO product discussions with Michael Zucek, and hanging with Chicago Studio advisers Michael Tran and Yaron Benyamini. As musicians stopped by the booth, some loved taking photos with our giant reed boxes and others were entertained by our "What Reed Are You?" quizzes. 

Day 2

Here, Vandoren experienced a real treat: a booth performance by Vandoren Artists Alex Beltran and Mark Colby. More of the Vandoren family stopped by the booth, including a saxophone Christmas quartet given by the Vandoren employees themselves. 

President of DANSR, Inc., Michael Skinner gives two Vandoren clinics. One clinic was focused on reed maintenance and gave the chance for anyone attending to ask questions about their reeds. The second clinic was for band director's learning about Vandoren's student reed, JUNO. 

As the bright lights of the tradeshow floor dimmed, the softly colored lights heated up as Vandoren took the fun into night. Mark Colby and Kirk Garrison perform a stellar set at the Vandoren reception, followed by Roxy Coss being a featured artist for the Music and Arts reception at the Palmer House in Chicago, IL. 

Day 3 

That's a wrap. We closed out the last day of the Midwest Clinic on a high note. Two very special guests, Sharel Cassity and Roxy Coss stopped by the booth to perform. See you in 2018 - we could not have done it without you. 

Check out all live performances on our VandorenUSA Facebook page. 

Mark Colby and Alex Beltran 

DANSR Christmas Saxophone Quartet 

Sharel Cassity and Roxy Coss

Sharel Cassity, Roxy Coss, and Victor Goines

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