Moving Forward as a Clarinetist with Julian Bliss: New CD, Publishing Company, and the BD4 Clarinet Mouthpiece

Date Posted: February 17, 2021

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VandorenUSA catches up with Clarinetist and Vandoren Artist Julian Bliss discusses his latest CD, upcoming projects, Bliss Music, and his thoughts on what the future holds for live music. Watch the whole interview now.

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1:30 - What would you have been doing had COVID not been a factor?

7:30 - Describe your practice routine during lockdown

11:15: Tell us about your publishing venture, Bliss Music

15:55 - New album from Julian Bliss

21:42 - What's it like to be in the recording studio

24:30 - Julian's second album release: Brahms Clarinet Sonatas

26:45 - Clarinet arrangements of Band Music

30:10 - Learning how to record, audio, microphones and more

34:27 - Microphones for introductory and advanced recording

41:00 - New BD4 mouthpiece and Julian's gear

47:12 - What changes when you switch from jazz to classical, vice versa?

Julian's Latest Album

Julian Bliss and James Baillieu present a recording Johannes Brahms’ Clarinet sonatas, Op. 120 and an arrangement of his 4 Ernste Gesänge, Op.121 arranged by Julian. These late works were inspired by the great clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld, principal clarinet of the Meiningen Court Orchestra, without whom we would not have had this clarinet repertoire.

Listen to the album here.

More from Julian: "I Got Rhythm"

Listen to the album here.

Bliss Music

Find Julian's arrangements in his Bliss Music Store.

"I live for performance. It's an adrenaline rush." - Julian Bliss

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