Ralph Bowen and Victor Goines on Reed Rotation and Their Break-In Process

with the VandorenUSA Artist Studios

Date Posted: May 13, 2021

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Ralph's take on reeds: Start - 3:35

Victor's take on reeds: 3:35 - End

Ralph Bowen Break-In & Rotation Process

  • Soak a reed for a few minutes
  • Play it for a few minutes to determine strength
  • Ralph takes a natural approach, favors the softer side of a reed, and tries different mouthpiece combinations
  • Additional adjustments include the Reed Resurfacer

    Victor Goines Break-In & Rotation Process

    • Takes reed out of the box and starts to play
    • Victor favors the harder side of a reed and also uses the Reed Resurfacer
    • Frequent travel results in a more flexible reed plan

    More on the Reed Resurfacer

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