Reed Rotation for a 90-Minute Practice Session with Michael Tran

Vandoren Chicago Studio

Date Posted: November 05, 2020

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Rotating Reeds

Sometimes you'll notice as you practice, your reeds will change. Here's a quick tip from Michael Tran to help you maintain a consistent sound during a 90-minute practice session:

  • Start with 6 reeds
  • In the first 30 minutes, use the 1st reed
  • Switch to the second reed for the next 30 minutes
  • Finish the last half hour with the third reed
  • On the next day, use the same method as above, but with 3 different reeds. This is to ensure your reeds have a day of rest in-between playing.

    Store Your Reeds

    Store your reeds in a reed case for protection and keeping them in a consistent environment. This allows for an even drying time. Review our two cases below:

    Our Hygro Reed Case is available for clarinet and saxophone reeds. HRC10 holds 8 (Bb clarinet, Eb clarinet, Eb soprano) HRC20 holds 6 (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone).

    Our VRC810 holds 8 (for Eb clarinet, Bb clarinet, and Eb soprano saxophone) and our VRC620 (alto saxophone or alto clarinet)

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