Saxophone Articulation Part 2 with Dr. Noa Even

with Vandoren Artist Noa Even

Date Posted: December 02, 2023

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In Part 2 of this instructional video series, Vandoren artist Dr. Noa Even explains and demonstrates how to produce and practice staccato articulation.

0:55 Producing Staccato Articulation
1:18 Air Darts
2:30 Exercise 1
3:20 Exercise 2a, F major
4:46 Exercise 2b, tonguing
6:29 Exercise 2c, full range
9:11 Exercise 2d, improvise a line
10:02 Tongue Stop Staccato
12:00 Exercise 1
12:26 Long and Short combinations
13:34 Exercise 2a, Long and Shorts
15:20 Exercise 2b, improvise a line
16:08 Review

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