Soné Ka La 2 Odyssey: A Fusion of the Voice and the Saxophone

with Saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart

Date Posted: June 02, 2021

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Nothing is more important to your musical growth than listening to a variety of music.

Read below to learn more about the new album from Vandoren Artist Jacques Schwarz-Bart.

Tell us about your latest CD, Odyssey

Odyssey is first and foremost a tribute to the Africans who crossed the Atlantic tied in chains, and found the strength to create arts and music that have reshaped and elevated the modern world.

The original Soné Ka-La came out in 2005. I toured with my band to nearly 30 countries, and inspired many young musicians from Europe, the Caribbeans, the US and even Japan.

After creating Soné Ka-La, like Ulysses, I went to explore different musical worlds and realities. Hence the subtitle: Odyssey.

After 15 years, I went back to Ithaca, Guadaloupe, with a new vision of the original concept.

What can people expect to hear on your album?

Soné Ka La 2 Odyssey's main innovation is to fuse the singing and the saxophone into one voice, carrying the melodies, might they be tumultuous, angular, mysterious, or serene. It is the first jazz project with such trademark.

Secondly, instead of two Gwoka Drums, one of the Gwoka masters plays the drums, transferring the traditional language to a modern instrument.

Finally, there are more contemporary sounds throughout, from the keyboards, the frequent presence of electric bass, and the generous use of effect pedals on the saxophone.

"Soné Ka La 2 Odyssey's main innovation is to fuse the singing and the saxophone into one voice..." - Jacques Schwarz Bart

What do you hope people take away from the album?

I hope that this music can serve as a bridge between cultures and ethnicities.

I spent my early youth near the rainforest and the seashore, becoming a fearless spear-fisher and diver. When I took up the saxophone at 24, I quickly became an in-demand sideman and a bandleader of distinction.

I wanted to create music that resounds with an uncommon beauty and passion. I am multiracial and multicultural, and I am hoping to help each individual find himself in all other humans. I feel that we are evolving toward a more inclusive social contract, and music will have to play a role every step of the way.

Where can people find and listen to your album?

They're available on many streaming platforms.

Listen on Spotify, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio, Apple Musicand Deezer

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