Vandoren at 2017 ICA ClarinetFest

Orlando, FL

Date Posted: August 07, 2017

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Wrap Up

Thank you for all who came to this year's International Clarinet Association (ICA) ClarinetFest in Orlando, FL. It was the largest conference yet in over 25 years and is continuing to grow. Check out all of the Vandoren highlights with our latest timeline from the show.

At the Hilton Doubletree in Orlando, 1,500 clarinetists lined up for an exciting 4 days of clarinet madness. Vandoren got their booth ready with this slick-looking display.

As usual, our giant reed boxes were a huge hit! Here are some fun photos from the booth.

We love our artists. We love to hear them play and read their articles, and we aspire to sound like them. For all who participated in the #myvandorencolor contest, we hope you had fun. Here are some action shots from over 15 Vandoren artists visiting our booth to sign posters.

*New Product*

Vandoren unveiled several new products at the show including BD5 mouthpieces for Eb Clarinet and Alto Clarinet/Basset Horn, German V21 reeds, and the BD5 D German/American clarinet mouthpiece.

We also had a few limited edition Pink Gold M|O ligatures on hand for trials only. Keep your eyes peeled for an early 2018 release date!

This year's performers took the stage by storm. Over the course of three evening concerts, five Vandoren Artists were featured: Nicholas Baldeyrou, Anna Hashimoto, Alexander Fiterstein, Eddie Daniels, and Julian Bliss. Throughout the entire conference, over 25 Vandoren Artists performed. Needless to say - it's good to be Vandoren!

Can't get enough clarinet? Plan for ClarinetFest 2018 and 2019:

Friday, July 6th 2018 - Wednesday, July 11th 2018 2018 in Ostead, Belgium

Clarinetfest 2019 will be held at University of Tennessee - Knoxville

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